Misty Kolkata Escorts Service is a top-rated escort service in the glowing towns of Kolkata. We offer a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of their clients, including in-call and out-call services.
Our escorts are all stunningly beautiful, highly skilled, and professional, ensuring that each client receives an unforgettable experience. With a focus on customer satisfaction and discretion, Misty Kolkata Escort Service is a trusted choice for those seeking high-quality escort girls in the city.
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Being real is very important in the world of escort services. Some companies say they can find you a great partner at a low price, but most of the time they don't follow through. Keep an eye out for fake pictures and claims that you can't keep. We know how important it is to make your wants come true, so we have a wide range of high-class call girls and top escorts ready to make every moment with you unforgettable.

Our girls can show you a side of Kolkata you haven't seen before, no matter how long you've lived there or how new you are to the city. Mistykolkata has a lot of different services that can be tailored to your needs, from private and personal encounters to romantic dinner dates and high-class women. Welcome to Kolkata Escorts from Mistykolkata! Let us change the way you think about having fun!

If you're looking for someone to hang out with tonight in Kolkata, check out our topic for Kolkata female services. This is a fun way to spice up your night, and you can choose from blonde escorts, busty escorts, gay escorts, and even luxury girls. Our nice and exciting girls are here to make your night memorable, whether this is your first time or you want to make your wildest dreams come true. The night could go anywhere.

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We are a symbol of authority because our formal website not only shows that we exist, but it also shows that we are dedicated to excellence at all times. Becoming the best escort service in Kolkata is a difficult goal that needs a lot of time, money, and hard work.

Mistykolkata works hard to find the best people to hang out with. We always have the best selection, and the fact that we keep our website up to date shows how much we care about quality. Get ready for a great night out with our VIP Escorts!

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Amazing escorts
When you hire an amazing escort, you'll have an incredible encounter and unmatched intimacy.
Experienced Call Girls
Spend time with professional call girls who will make your every wish come true. It will be exciting and satisfying.
100% Saticifation
Our escort service guarantees 100% satisfaction to all our clients.
24X7 Online Support
Our online escorts service offers 24/7 support to ensure your satisfaction.
Safe Online Booking
Online escort booking are easy to use for scheduling free escorts service.
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Are you looking for young, beautiful, and loving female Kolkata Escorts? Welcome to the best Kolkata escort service, where you can discover high-profile and stunning escort services in Kolkata at reasonable rates to fulfil your personal wants.

She can be attractive, physically fascinating, and, above all, determined in the bedroom to the point where you cannot help but fall in love with her and maintain the same opinion. Each of these qualities is numerous with our Kolkata Escort.

Some people can’t afford the word “sexy,” but we have an easy way for you to get that word. We promise that all of our escorts in Kolkata are so attractive that you won’t be able to help but look at them twice. You can have fun with our call girls in Kolkata whenever you want.



Are you tired of looking for love in all the wrong places in Kolkata? Look no further, because your dream partner could be just a click away! With our online dating platform, you can easily connect with like-minded individuals who are also searching for that special someone.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or just a casual fling, our website is the perfect place to start your search. Don’t waste any more time feeling lonely or frustrated with your love life. Join us today and find your dream partner in Kolkata!


Kolkata Escort Service

Are you interested in finding more about our local sexy female escorts? In such case, you want to contact our Kolkata escort service and get their contact information. Visit our escort agency to take advantage of our escort services in Kolkata.

For the greatest enjoyment, these steamy escorts in Kolkata are available 24/7. These call girls are at your service all night long if you want to be personal.

Now you may escape the nighttime monotony with the help of one of our local call girls. Put your worries aside and prepare to meet our sultry escorts in Kolkata, in the city of love. Indulge in the height of sensuality with the help of our best female escorts in Kolkata. Wouldn’t you want to sample the most exquisite titties? If that’s the case, then hire the most desirable escorts in Kolkata by calling our agency’s phone.

Don’t miss out the chance to spend an unforgettable night in Kolkata with one of our stunning escorts. Are you interested in learning their pleasure-inducing tactics’ secret ingredient as well? But you can find out for sure when you contact our independent Kolkata escort service and reserve the services of a beautiful escort call girl.

You are free to select the time and place based on your mood and availability; she is available to meet you anywhere, including your house or a hotel.

Are you secretive about your experiences with our awesome Kolkata escort? We promise not to inform anyone if you want us to remain private.


The best #1 escort service in Kolkata is MistyKolkata, which has Elite and VIP models who can help you find love. Readied to feel it? Check out all of our specialised services, which are designed to meet all of your needs. On our Services page, you can learn more.

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Want to book a Kolkata Escorts on our website? Follow these 4 easy steps.

Incall Or Outcall
In Incall you visit our hotel & in Outcall girl visit your residence.
Choose An Escort
Select your favrouite escorts from available profiles.
Confirm Booking
Our receptionist will confirm by calling you on the mobile.
Wait Time 30min
Our escorts will arrive within few minutes!

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Genuine Profiles
Get real photos directly to your email or WhatsApp.
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Our smoking hot & sexy escorts are too enticing to refuse.
Affordable prices
We provide only bootylicious escorts at amble rate anytime 24/7.
55+ Locations
Find anywhere at the peripheral of Kolkata, within 50 kms.
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Misty Kolkata Escorts

  • All Profile
  • Call Girls
  • Celebrity
  • HouseWife
  • College Girls
  • Russian
  • Teen Girls
Damini Kolkata Escort
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We care about offering the best and most professional model escort services in Kolkata, so please come and visit our business. Once you decide to work with us, you will always be a client. What makes us better than others is that we give you a lot of choices, whether you want an in-call or out-call service.

Being one of the best girls in town makes us super happy. You can enjoy sweet dates with our gorgeous VIP KOLKATA ESCORT GIRLS. Best of all, you are treated like a king when you come to us to get your needs met at a price you can afford.

No matter what you want, pick your sex partner with Mistykolkata.

  • Model girls: With our wide selection of models, you can choose the one you want to make love to while having fun.
  • Girls who work as air hostesses and entertain guests: Our beautiful call girls in Kolkata will make your date a great time. They have a special way of seducing you.
  • Russian women—Our Russian girls are known for having gorgeous bodies and a great sense of fun, which makes them even more unique.
  • VIP escorts: If you want to satisfy your wildest desires, we offer VIP escort services that will keep you from being lonely and stressed while you have the time of your life.


Do you like the company of independent escorts in Kolkata? If so, you could stop by our Kolkata escort service to meet our independent escorts. Beautiful, independent women who are available to meet your needs are on staff at our facility whenever you require an escort in Kolkata. Don’t sit around and hope that the right person will stumble into your life. Instead, enjoy the holiday of intimacy by calling our independent escorts in Kolkata.

In the darkest hours of the night, we are aware of your desire for affection and concern. Because our independent call ladies are here, you no longer have to worry about your loneliness. Our sultry escorts in Kolkata are here to provide you with endless orgasms and intense closeness. We are aware of your desire to have fun and your enthusiasm for sharing a bed with them. Right now is when you should hook up with one of our excellent independent escorts in Kolkata.

If you are looking for a reliable escort service in Kolkata, give our friendly receptionist a call. Our sultry Kolkata escorts are now available for home delivery as well. Get a night of pleasure with your favourite call ladies by making a reservation now. Additionally, these females are skilled gangbang artists that can satisfy several manhoods in a single evening.

Get greater closeness with our free-spirited escorts in Kolkata right now. No more excuses. Now is your chance to experience the finest in lady parts, titties, and more. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

How about you? Also, we are…! Reserve your preferred call lady now! Just give us a call, and we’ll connect you with the best Russian escorts in Kolkata.

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Escorts Price

Kolkata Escorts Price List

1 hour, 1 Shot
Rs. 12000/-
  • 1-Hour, 1-Shot
  • In-Call & Out-Call
  • Hand Job
  • Girl Friend Experience
  • Deep Kissing
  • Mouth To Mouth Kiss
2 Hours, 2 Shot
Rs. 17000/-
  • 2-Hour, 2-3 Shot
  • In-Call & Out-Call
  • Hand Job
  • Girl Friend Experience
  • Deep Kissing
  • Mouth To Mouth Kiss
Full Night
  • Full Night, 4-5 Shot
  • In-Call & Out-Call
  • Hand Job
  • Girl Friend Experience
  • Deep Kissing
  • Mouth To Mouth Kiss

We Are Always at The
Forefront of The Escorts Service !


Why Choose Misty Kolkata Escorts?

When people hire Misty Kolkata Escorts, they choose from a stunning and varied group of beautiful and skilled partners who promise a memorable and satisfying experience every time.
  • Highly professional and experienced escorts
  • Wide selection of beautiful and attractive girls
  • Competitive rates for high-quality services
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and pleasure
  • Available for both incall and outcall services
  • Easy booking process and flexible scheduling options
Why Misty Kolkata Escorts?


Are you looking for the right partner in Kolkata to make your dreams come true? Because there are so many choices, it can be hard to decide what to do. Don't worry, though; we'll help you through it.

Before you start your journey, you need to know what you want. Are you looking for someone to hang out with or something more intimate? There are many kinds of women in Kolkata, and each one can meet your specific wants.

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hotel escorts Kolkata
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travel escort in kolkata

We have a large range of escorts in Kolkata that all fulfil different requirements. When an escort grabs your attention, read reviews and don't be afraid to ask questions. Any questions you may have, we are here to help around-the-clock.

The passion wheels start to turn once a date is established. Your enjoyment is the only goal of our escorts throughout your time together. You may also ask our knowledgeable Kolkata escorts for suggestions on appropriate locations to have a great night out if you're new to the region or the service. Depending on their personal experiences, our escorts may provide insightful advice and recommendations for whatever your requirements may be.

It's a customised process to choose the ideal escort, and we want it to go as smoothly as possible. We provide thorough profiles of Kolkata escorts with information on their appearance, location, and services offered. Comments from some escorts may help you understand what to anticipate.

See our advice on making wise decisions before meeting an escort. Remember that our site allows you to meet possible mistresses in addition to escorts.


We offer different kinds of normal sex based on what you want, need, and like. Our Kolkata escort girl can offer you a lot of different tempting options:

  • If you want to have anal sex, you can go deep inside them and have a great time on the bed.
  • Sex without a condom: This is the best one because it makes you feel attractive and makes you happy.
  • Date Tour: You can make our female escorts in Kolkata your girlfriends and have fun all day long if you want to.
  • Oral sex is a form of sex you can enjoy before getting sexual and then get excited about getting sexual after some time.

Enjoy a stimulating and enjoyable body massage from the loving girl of your choice. With our Kolkata Escorts, you can unwind and forget about your problems and daily life.


Our Kolkata girls services have a huge selection, and we care a lot about what you choose so that you are happy and excited. We put your needs first by giving you top-notch services.

You can pick any of our girls, including college girls, models, solo escorts, burst Escorts, mothers, Russian escorts, or escorts for famous people.

Each and every hot girl in Kolkata has some special quality or trait that makes her stand out. You can get a blow job or anal sex from her. As if everything you say will definitely come true.


People in Kolkata know us as the best women, and we are fully committed to our job. The beautiful teenage girls who work as escorts in Kolkata are known for having a professional and cheerful attitude, as well as good looks.

Let them into your life, and you can have a crazy day or night anywhere you want. Our beautiful maid will come to you anywhere in Kolkata at any time. If you choose them as your partner, you’ll feel like you’re talking and exploring heaven with angels, but for less money.


Do you have a lot of kinks? Then you should definitely make the most of your time in Kolkata by getting acquainted with some of the city’s most famous escorts. To learn more about the advantages of hiring female escorts in Kolkata, read our escorts guide to Kolkata. In addition to our VIP escorts, we also provide gay escorts in Kolkata for your booking needs.

We understand how difficult it is to find a hot escort in your area that can provide you with a kinky Kolkata experience, but we have one here for you. Along with their high profile, these escorts are kink-filled. They will remain completely submissive all night, as long as they make love to you.

Make your model escort reservation in Kolkata immediately. In addition to quickly satisfying all your wishes, our VIP escorts in Kolkata also allow you to play with their titties. Would you want to play a thrilling game of orgasms with me? If so, then get a hot housewife escort right now by contacting our Kolkata escort service.

We also have male escorts accessible at our Kolkata escort service, in case that’s what you’re fantasising about. Put your worries to rest and reserve your seductive escorts immediately by calling our number. Our premium escorts in Kolkata are all of the highest calibre, yet they don’t cost a fortune.

All of our Kolkata high-profile escorts are unique individuals who are eager to provide you with the most luxurious experience possible. Get over your natural scepticism and get an escort from Kolkata right now. Do you feel like spending the night by yourself? Who told you to spend the night alone when you have the services of escorts in Kolkata at your fingertips? Engage the services of the most desirable female escort immediately.


Everyone dreams of having a sexual encounter with their favourite Bollywood stars or TV actresses, and here’s the best part: we can make that dream a reality. More than fifteen Bollywood star escorts and twenty-five television escorts from Kolkata are members of our VIP escort agency. Imagine the excitement, passion, and adventure that will ensue when you meet your beloved star by your bed.

In addition to being very competent escorts, our Kolkata celebrity escorts are also incredibly kind and caring with their customers. Perhaps you’ll form an everlasting bond with her. Experience an unforgettable roller coaster of sensuous lovemaking with our VIP Celebrity Escorts and VIP TV actress escorts.

(Indeed, there are moments when we feel envious of our customers who get to experience the thrill of stroking the celebs’ flesh.).



Call our Kolkata escorts to find the newest stocks for 2024 who specialise in offering GFE if you are looking for a stunning and open-minded companion like your girlfriend. Even though thousands of escorts in Kolkata put in a lot of effort to provide their customers with elegant delight, only a small percentage of them are qualified to provide a true girlfriend experience. Could you figure them out? No, for that reason, we are giving you a checklist to help you spot a genuine GFE escort in Kolkata:

  1. They are willing to provide more of an experience than simply sexual contact.
  2. They are not bashful and are prepared to behave as if you two were in a relationship.
  3. They are not rushing to bed too soon and instead want to spend time with you.

Our escorts in Kolkata include hot Indian loving females, blackheads, brunettes, blondes, and even older college girls. These are some of the most carefully chosen, delectable Kolkata escorts Sweetypatel has to offer from all across the city.



Looking for a hot Kolkata erotic massage? Call our Kolkata escort service to hire gorgeous, inexpensive escorts for sensuous pleasure. A nude massage online from these cheap Kolkata escorts will make your time better than before.
Get our online phone number and WhatsApp us to get inexpensive Kolakta escorts for the night. Daytime escort services allow you to have a healthy, intimate night without waiting all day. Our attractive, stunning inexpensive escorts are available 24/7.
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There have always been some exotic beauty living in Kolkata. Imagine for a second a world where you could have intercourse with one of them, share a bed with them, and live out all your wildest fantasies. How fantastic is that? When you need an escort in Kolkata, go no farther than Kolkata Misty Escort, the city's most popular service. Our free-spirited females are really stunning and available in a number of areas, including Salt Lake and New Town. Looking at these Kolkata Escorts from our service will make you feel compelled to act on your desires. Some females' shapes and cup sizes may annoy you to no end. These sex goddesses have descended to earth to grant your every want. You may get a sneak peek of what's in store for you by watching our actual escort films.

Our Kolkata Diva's can pull off the girl-next-door act with ease, because to their impeccable taste and flair for the dramatic. They have the necessary education and training to identify and meet your requirements. In addition to being very attractive in bed, they can also listen to your vows and show you how much they value you. You may have pleasure without breaking the bank because to our surprisingly inexpensive charges, even if our services are of great quality.

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Our stunning Kolkata escorts are available in park street as well, so you can choose whichever one suits you best. Their goal in coming to Kolkata is to earn some more money to supplement their extravagant lifestyle, since real estate is very expensive and living expenditures are over the sky. On top of that, they're very aroused and have an extreme sex drive; they'll do whatever to make you happy, which will also make them happy.


With our exclusive Kolkata courtesans, we want to reimagine the art of pleasure. You will get the service you have always dreamed of from the Kolkata call girls, who are also experts in the Indian Kamsutra.

If you're looking for the pinnacle of pleasure, Kolkata is the place to engage a female escort. All the attributes you've been seeking—intense sexuality and stunning beauty—are shown by our Kolkata escorts.


Make sure to choose at least 2 profiles so that you can get the second girl if the 1st one isn't available.


In fact, it is completely legal to be personal with a girl as long as both of you agree. However, our law says that you can't get sexual services in exchange for money. Because of this, we only provide social services to our clients. Models, actors, and professional Kolkata Escorts will provide these services to you. But it's up to you if you can later get them to have sex with you.

Diffrent Escorts Type Kolkata


Any questions or concerns about the payment should be talked about over the phone or in person. Because of this, we encourage our clients to call our operators and talk about the escort rates and how to pay. But sometimes you have to pay ahead of time to show that you are serious about the plan. So, the process is completely safe, and you will have full control over the transaction. You are also free to make up your mind before giving our Kolkata escorts workers the specific amount of money they need up front.


We firmly state that every escort girl who works for our business or is sent by us to a client is medically fit. It's not okay to be worried or unsafe while having sex with that girl. Many other agencies say they have the best girls, but when it comes to medical certification, they don't follow through. We have full medical certification for all of our girls because we have a programme to identify them.


If you want to work and have fun at the same time, Kolkata Escort is the place to go. They are very mature and know exactly what their customers want. Other people in this city have different backgrounds and problems. Our girls know exactly what you want and will do everything they can to make you happy. When it comes to customer happiness, Kolkata Misty is proud to have received the most positive feedback. Read our blog post called "Kolkata Misty Escorts Insights" to learn more about how we make sure our clients are completely happy with their experience.

Our escort girls make sure to put your pleasure first and fulfil your wishes with the greatest care and love because we know how much your money is worth. Not only are our women stunningly beautiful, but they are also very smart, charming, and good with people.

If you hire one of our women, you can escape the limits of daily life and enter a world of joy and satisfaction.

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Misty Kolkata Escorts Service has many services for people who want to have the most beautiful night ever with hot and sexy call girls in Kolkata.

    Kolkata Escorts Price List

    Type Of Escorts 0-2 Hrs 2-4 Hrs Overnight (Full Night)
    Student 30,000/- 60,000/- 90,000/-
    Housewives Escorts 10,000/- 30,000/- 40,000/-
    VIP Models Escorts 40,000/- 65,000/- 1,00,000/-
    Startup Model 40,000/- 80,000/- 1,20,000/-
    Overseas 50,000/- 10.000/- 1,50,000/-
    Airhostess 50,000/- 1,00,000/- 1,50,000/-
    Struggling Models 75,000/- 1,50,000/- 2,00,000/-
    Celebrity Starts 2,00,000/- 4,00,000/- WhatsAPP
    High Profile 1,00,000/- 2,00,000/- WhatsAPP
    Misty Kolkata Escorts - FAQ'S

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Kolkata Escorts Service

    • What services do Kolkata escorts offer?
      Misty Kolkata escorts offer a range of services, including companionship, intimate encounters, and more. Whether you're looking for a casual date, a dinner companion, or a night of passion, our escorts are here to fulfill your desires.
    • Are Kolkata escorts safe and discrete?
      Yes, Misty Kolkata escorts prioritize the safety and privacy of their clients. Our escorts are professional and discreet, ensuring that your experience remains confidential and secure.
    • How do I book an escort in Kolkata?
      Booking an escort in Kolkata is simple and easy. You can browse through our gallery of available escorts, choose the one that catches your eye, and then contact us to make a booking. Our friendly staff will assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
    • Are the photos of Kolkata escorts real?
      Yes, the photos of Kolkata escorts are real and authentic. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date images of our escorts to ensure that our clients can make an informed decision when booking.
    • What is the cost of hiring a Kolkata escort?
      The cost of hiring a Kolkata escort varies depending on the type of services requested and the duration of the booking. Our rates are competitive and transparent, ensuring that you receive excellent value for money.
    • How can I contact Kolkata escorts?
      You can contact Kolkata escorts through our website or by phone. Our friendly staff are available to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with making a booking.
    • Do Kolkata escorts provide incall or outcall services?
      Kolkata escorts offer both incall and outcall services to accommodate the needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you prefer to meet at a hotel, a residence, or a private location, our escorts are flexible and willing to accommodate your request.
    • How to contact genuine escort services in Kolkata?
      Yes, independent Escort or call girls are real, and they usually travel to client's hotels or other places to provide services. For Booking an Escort you have to contact our 100% safe & secure Escorts agenices Misty Kolkata providing quality escort services in Kolkata.
    • Are there any options for overnight or a longer period bookings?
      Yes, we provide extended and overnight bookings for those trying to find extended company and pleasures. Kindly contact us to inquire about rates and availability.

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